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Phantom Of The Opera ( 1 cd )

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome Sir, I'm So Delighted
  3. Accursed All Base Pursuit Of Earthly Pleasure
  4. How Dare She
  5. Late Last Night
  6. Love has Gone Never Returning
  7. While Floating High Above
  8. She Says She's Got The Nodules
  9. What Do I See
  10. To Pain My Heart Selfishly Dooms Me
  11. Entracte
  12. Ah! Do I Hear My Lover's Voice?
  13. No Sign! I See No Sign!
  14. The Lake
  15. Somewhere Above The Sun Shines Bright
  16. Born With A Monstrous Countenance
  17. A Sharp Whipping
  18. What An Awful Way To Perish
  19. Ne'er Forsake Me, Here Remain
  20. Ne'er Forsake Me, Here Remain (Reprise)
  21. He Will Not Go Without A Friend
  22. Play Out
  23. While Floating High Above (Reprise)