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姚莉 Miss Yao Lee ( 1 cd )

  1. 那個不關心 Who Does Not Care?
  2. 一個蓮蓬 The "Lotus" Shower
  3. 雙雙對對 Couples And Pairs
  4. 春風吻上我的臉 Kiss Of Spring
  5. 月下情歌 Love Song Under The Moon (楊光合唱)
  6. 假惺惺 The Great Pretender
  7. 媽媽上車去 Mama From The Train
  8. 重回你的懷抱 Back To Your Arms
  9. 多心病 Suspicious Heart
  10. 伴侶那裏找 Where Is My Partner?
  11. 桃花江 Peach Blosson River
  12. 月下對口 Duet Under The Moon (潘正義合唱)
  13. 一曲難忘 Unchained Melody
  14. 莫奔跑 Buttons And Bows